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Intern Urbanization, Fragility and Resilience

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Intern Urbanization, Fragility and Resilience

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Where: Cordaid, The Hague


Duration: 5 months with a minimum of 3 days a week (can be adjusted to educational requirements)


NOTE: In order to be eligible for this internship, you must be a registered Bachelor or Master student (HBO or WO) at an educational institution in The Netherlands for the entire duration of the internship


The challenge

Cordaid is a leading international humanitarian and development NGO based in The Netherlands. Inspired by compassion, solidarity and subsidiarity, we see it as our mission to reduce fragility and the vulnerability of people in contexts like Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, and Myanmar. We do so by providing programmes in a number of areas, including building resilience to disasters and climate change, and strengthening the provision of security and justice.

Urbanization is one of the most transformative phenomena in the world today, with especially profound implications in the fragile contexts where Cordaid works. Burundi, South Sudan and Afghanistan (all Cordaid focus countries) are among the fastest-urbanizers, with massive attendant pressures on infrastructure, provision of public goods, and social cohesion in cities. The largely informal character of urban growth in fragile states means that many urban citizens live in slums, where vulnerability to all manner of natural hazards is acute; and are excluded from the provision of public services like security and justice. As more and more people live in cities in fragile states, prospects for improving the lives of the poorest in these countries will depend on the promotion of resilient, equitable urbanization, led by local governments.

Cordaid’s Resilience and Security & Justice Units are determined not only to grapple effectively with the increasingly urban context of their work at country-level, but to identify new opportunities for policy influence and programme interventions resulting from urbanization, and do so in collaboration where possible. Cordaid may be better-equipped to respond to the urban challenge in fragile contexts by combining different capacities and experiences for joined-up policy and programming solutions. Therefore, the two units seek to learn from past experiences, map out urban opportunities where Cordaid may have comparative advantage, and explore potential integration and / or synergies between Resilience and Security & Justice tools and services in urban contexts.


The internship

The Urbanization, Fragility and Resilience (UFR) intern will report to and will be supported by supervisors from two units within Cordaid: Resilience and Security & Justice.


Expected tasks

  1. Inventory Cordaid lessons learned from past interventions in fragile urban contexts, and current tools and services provided by Resilience and Security & Justice units relevant in fragile urban contexts
  2. Assess the scope and significance of UFR challenges, globally and in countries where Cordaid works, that can be addressed through Cordaid Resilience and S&J interventions, utilizing proven or promising tools and services, with the aim of identifying Cordaid comparative advantage vis-à-vis other actors, and in particular opportunities for collaboration between the units
  3. Scan opportunities for UFR resource mobilization (including potential opportunities to join consortia or sub-partner) and profile key relevant donor partners
  4. Spotlight opportunities for potential new policy or programmatic partnerships, including with international and national civil society organizations in the urban domain
  5. Produce practical recommendations for Resilience and / or S&J programme development in the urban domain, globally and in countries where Cordaid works, including a “menu” of possible policy and programme interventions, tools and services, and financing options, presented in a compelling final report



  • Bachelor or Master student (HBO or WO) in a relevant discipline (anthropology, development studies, disaster risk management, economics, political science, urban planning, etc.)
  • established interest in development practice & programming or challenges confronting fragile states, as demonstrated by course work or extra-curricular commitments
  • relevant work experience or previous internship in a relevant sector (development or humanitarian NGOs, urban planning) an asset
  • outstanding communication skills in English (verbal and written), fluency or facility in one or more Cordaid-relevant languages (especially Arabic, Dari, French, or Pashto) is an advantage
  • proven sharp analytical skills, able to absorb and summarize new information and translate into appealing and accessible knowledge products
  • proactive, entrepreneurial, and effective in a fast-paced cross-cultural work environment
  • affinity with (community-managed) DRR, urban resilience, integrated risk management, and / or security and justice


We offer

  • Internship compensation of €250.- or €350.- per month in case of a 36 hour workweek.
  • unique opportunity to work at the heart of a dynamic, innovative international NGO, contributing to a vital new domain of policy and programming
  • learn from experienced professionals in the development sector, and expand your career-relevant network



If you are interested in this position and you meet all requirements, please send in your application via the website with the ‘’apply’’ button above.

For any questions regarding the internship position, please send an email to werving@cordaid.org and mark it “Intern UFR” in the subject line.

For more information about Cordaid, please visit our website: www.cordaid.org

Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.

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